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For nearly 15 years, Neova has been a leader in innovation by adopting a systematic approach to accommodate the complex reality of modern business. Specialized in business solution design, our software Neovation 10.X² satisfy the needs of producers, importers, processors, packers and distributors of perishable products, as well as those of distribution companies and industrial tooling companies.

Always on the lookout for new products, we pay attention to new trends in the information technology and software industries, in order to keep our products on the forefront.

Our flagship product is integrated with inventive management solutions. It has been designed to enable you to overcome the constraints faced by your business while allowing you to manage it with ease. Developed by a team of experienced analysts in collaboration with some of Quebec’s SME’s finest corporate executives, Neovation is completely adapted to the realities of many different Quebec markets.


At Neova, thanks to our innovative tools, our strategic direction is to focus our activities towards the continuous development of Neovation, to continually improve its functional aspect and its ability to integrate with other applications like new information technologies and the Web. Our mission is therefore to develop customized solutions combining technological expertise and the commitment of our team, based on the knowledge of the areas of our clients’ business. This is how we prioritize quality and efficiency requirements of our customers.

In our ever changing realities, decisions must be taken quickly as good opportunities do not come twice. Which is why our goal is to provide customized management tools, powerful and user-friendly, with which you can quickly obtain information that’s well organized and always updated. Thus you can easily improve your efficiency, increase your profitability, refine the traceability of your products and make better business decisions.


Design, develop and make accessible an easy to use, integrated software package that is adapted to the complexity and characteristics of your business in order to optimize concretely its payoff, because ultimately, your success is also our success.


  • 2000: Creation of the Neova corporation
  • 2001: Neovation, a leading user-friendly ERP / MRP on a Windows platform
  • 2001: Launch of the first transactional site
  • 2005: Creation of an automated system for publishing custom price, emails and faxes
  • 2005-2007: Development of Neolink
  • 2006: Beginning of the rewritten version of Neovation 10X
  • 2007: Relocation of our offices to 7229 St.Saint-Denis
  • 2007: Creation of the integrator Neolink, allowing a worldwide labeling system
  • 2007: Release of Neovation 10.X
  • 2008: Release of our traceability module (Paieprod)
  • 2009: B2B integration to EDI standard with large supermarket chains such as Loblaws, Provigo, Sobeys, Rubbermaid and 3M
  • End 2009: Launch of Neovation Version 10.X²
  • 2010: Launch of the MMX inventory module and the start of Neovation Mobile
  • 2010: Implementation of Cloud solutions and server virtualization
  • 2010: Neova becomes an authorized Dell reseller
  • 2010: Cloud Computing is now available in public mode
  • 2010: New customizable manufacturing control module
  • 2010: Creation of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • 2011: Launch of a mobile version of Neovation for the packaging department
  • 2011: New electronic catalog module used for large volume products for customers such as Hydro-Quebec, GM and Uniselect
  • 2011: Integration to SAP
  • 2011: New internal stock transfer (IO) module
  • 2012: Designer authorized by Revenu Quebec
  • 2012: Integration of the order taking system for restaurants compatible with SRM (sales recording module) of Revenu Quebec
  • 2013: Neovation is now compatible with MAF Roda machinery, an enterprise specialized in fruits and vegetables solutions


Thanks to our experiences, we specialize in several areas such as:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cut flowers
  • Manufacturing of ice cream
  • Microbreweries and restaurants
  • Food packaging and sanitation products
  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Garages and motor vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Plumbing

Discover what our entire package can bring to your business!


Proud member of

The Association of Quebec Apple Packers (AEPQ)

petit aepq

The Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA)

petit aqdfl


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