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Neovation Software Package

Neovation version 10.X2 is an integrated ERP / MRP / CRM  management system with which you can effectively complete all your financial tasks, manage your accounts receivable and payable, operate your payrolls and control your inventory. Our product enables you to record your production, as it compiles it in real-time.

Integrated traceability

In order to do so, we have developed an integrated traceability system, assigning unique barcodes to each product. During this process, this solution allows you to track down the precise location of your product and instantly updates your inventory. Neova has also developed a computerized function that adjusts automatically the cost of goods related to your purchases, taking into account the exchange rate, transportation costs (terminals & transfer) and custom fees, allowing you to adjust your selling prices.

This innovative system also allows you to create various reports depending on your specific needs and preferences. You can export them in numerous types of formats (PDF, email, XLS, HTML, etc…) and view them as graphics and plan automated postings.

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Flexible software

Thanks to the scripts NeoScript, Neova’s software package is a secure and customizable solution. It has a flexible and scalable design that can simply be integrated with Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook). Moreover, our user-friendly interface, based on the Windows desktop, easily and automatically integrates with a variety of communication standards (web services, ftp, email, EDI) for numerous types of formats (XML, CSV, TXT, XLS, EDI …).

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows exchanging electronic purchase orders, invoices, account statements and other various transactions. However, you have to deal with a service provider in order to use EDI communication module.

Web orders made easy

Based on an intuitive purchase interface developed by Neova, customer orders are automatically generated and reserved in the Neovation system and a confirmation email is instantly sent to the purchaser. Simultaneously, your business’ inventory is automatically updated after each transaction.

Our ordering system for restaurants

Thanks to Neovation, Neova now offers to its customers from the restaurant industry a brand new instinctive, efficient and user-friendly ordering system. Designed in collaboration with experienced servers, this application, accessible by mobile tablet or any other mobile device, allows you to optimize ordering and the creation of checks with total simplicity. Furthermore, this application is directly linked to Revenue Quebec’s SRM (Sales Recording Module).

Redesigned interface

Neovation has been designed to facilitate managers’ work. The optimized interface, which is consistent throughout the software and for every window, makes its use simple and effective for all users.

Customizable desktop

Adapt your Neovation desktop by creating shortcuts to windows and pages commonly used and gain efficiency by operating with a familiar interface inspired by Windows™ desktop.

Standardized toolbar

All windows within Neovation feature a standard toolbar, aiding in data entry and analysis. This interface allows the user to always add, edit or browse information the same way, and has been designed to provide simplicity, efficiency and intuitiveness.

Practical search tab

Search for any information in a simple and accurate way from any Neovation window. Every window has a tab to search by value, allowing you to quickly access the desired information via a keyword or by using customizable filters.

Security: Controlling  information access

In a connected world where systems contain a considerable amount of critical and confidential information, it is necessary for your management system to be equipped with a system that controls access.

Neovation contains several security features that provide rights in order to control data privacy.

Access rights by user

The “Access” tab in the user window allows you to set different levels of access for each window and each user in the system.

System imput records

Each input into the system is registered in a log that can only be accessed by an administrator when needed. Neovation stores the user name, the network user name and the name of the computer used to access the system.

File modification records

All changes made to a file are kept in a historic log. This feature makes it easily to identify the user who created or modified a certain file. Gone are the days when we could not track down the author of a transaction.

NeoDash Dashboard

Our NeoDash tool is a personalized dashboard that is available from a mobile application designed to display the information you need in real-time, when you need it, and can be displayed on a television or personal computer. This interactive tool is used to display data such as numbers detailing your current production in a specific department, or to gather data from all your branches. It is also possible to display several other features such as personalized widgets, totally adapted to your needs.

Neovation Mobile

Compatible with most technologies (Windows CE, Android, IOS), our mobile platform offers direct access and an optimal control of multiple operations needed in your day to day business operations. Combined with the NeoLink software tool, it traces all your products that are all identified by unique barcodes. With the help of a barcode reader, this approach helps to optimize stocktaking and the rotation of your inventory. Considering that every product is tagged by a unique barcode label, this numbering and bar coding system establishes the status and the characteristics of each product. It gives out information such as its origin, reservation status, storage conditions, expiration date, and other specifications according to your necessities. Even more, personalized applications can be created for you, according to your organizational needs.


NeoLink is Integrated with the EDI standards; it gives you access to a direct two-way communication (B2B), allowing you to automate your administrative tasks in a safe and innovative way. Combined with Neovation Mobile tools, NeoLink can be used to determine the contents of each box, arrival dates, substitutions that have been made, presales and to locate the origin of each product. It also facilitates the verification process and the reception of the merchandise. Additionally, each adjustment of these parameters is indicated by a color code, which makes it easier to identify the status of all of the purchases.


In addition to containing various relevant ingenious applications, including a bridge to social networking, our platform simplifies publications on your website. Through Neovation, you will be able to publish your entire website without resorting to various intermediaries.

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