Manufacturing / Software Development and Customization / Custom Development

Always aiming to remain among the leaders as software manufacturers, we have designed ERP / MRP / CRM solutions fitted for B2B communications (Business 2 Business). Our team grasps your business` reality enabling us to produce a comprehensive and rigorous analysis fitted to your needs, which leads to the design and implementation of creative solutions that will help you improve your tasks. We also develop various mobile solutions, giving you direct access and optimal control of the multiple operations within your enterprise. Also, our software provides Web 2.0 solutions, which simplifies website publications.

Reengineering of business processes / technology integrations

With our team of experienced consultants in improving business operations, we specialize in reengineering business processes. In order to constantly optimize your operations, we efficiently integrate our flagship product NEOVATION 10x² in every area of your business. These technological features allow the transferring and migration of your data from one single software in which can complete all of your financial tasks, manage your accounts receivable and payable. It is also designed for easy management of your customer lists, vendor lists, contact directory, and every aspects of your production (revenues, costs, inventory, etc…).
In addition, we have designed a revolutionary, integrated, traceability system to track every step of your products’ course. This module works by barcodes which facilitates automated inventory management, while monitoring real-time products throughout the stages of the transformation and transportation process.

All these technological integrations will be carried out seamlessly without disrupting your daily operations. And among these innovations, we also offer telephone solutions, electronic timestamps and optimization of each step within a production chain, to name a few.

Engineering Networking

In order to facilitate your operations, we evaluate the current technologies and redesign a network infrastructure in order to develop an updated IT structure based on your needs. We also offer a review of your data’s security, integrated with advanced technologies of virtualization and storage via public and private cloud servers.


Our customer service is complemented by an attentive user support. In addition to providing you with customized training for employees, you also get telephone support and technical services such as maintenance and repair to your IT infrastructure.

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